User1st Enabled 1,000,000+ Web Pages
Accessible and Compliant to WCAG 2 AA

User1st: The Most Robust & Effective Product For Digital Accessibility On The Market

Customers Across All Industries & Verticals Use User1st Suite to Achieve Accessible Online Services and To Manage Risks Related to Non-Compliance

Accessibility Automation Platform

User1st gives your team powerful tools to guide them through the process of creating an accessibility skin over your website. User1st Accessibility solutions provide real-time crowd-sourced accessibility information that enables your team to support accessibility demands; all without needing to alter your original code. User1st’s solutions drastically reduce the time and cost associated with providing accessibility.

User1st generates an “Accessibility Skin”, a new accessibility layer of code, design and content that meets the recommendations of WCAG 2.0 AA. End-users are able to select a pre-made profile or can build their own.

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Accessibility Suite – Comprehensive solutions for your compliance needs

User1st Accessibility Suite provides solutions to monitor and modify your website to support diverse disability needs. User1st Accessibility Suite adheres to the internationally accepted standard of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA. User1st’s proprietary platform gives web accessibility specialists, webmasters and content managers a unique set of tools to enable their teams to achieve and sustain the recommendations of the WCAG 2.0 AA.

To enable User1st, the website owner simply adds the User1st snippet to their site. No software installation is required by your end-users! This enables the User1st Accessibility Suite on your website’s pages so that users can access your site with accessibility enabled by simply by choosing a profile.

User1st Editor / Client side

The Accessibility Editor panel provides the tools to detect and remedy accessibility issues. Using an easily customized wizard, coding is rarely required.

User1st offer tailored profiles for users across the disability spectrum, ranging from users with mobility impairment to all different types of vision impairment.

3 Maintenance tools, & many abilities

  • Dashboard for managers and compliance coordinators: With Accessibility dashboard, your accessibility specialist and managers will be able to see in detail their site’s compliance coverage detected over time, reported automatically or by users.
  • Code monitoring reports: User1st Accessibility Monitor continuously collects the accessibility validation issues as your site is running. Accessibility Monitor stores these collected issues in an easy to use reports system that describes the validation issue, the reason for the issue, and a “selector” for correcting the issue in the User1st Accessibility Editor.
  • CMS compliance overlayer for content managers: User1st Content Compliance includes the ability to add alternative text HTML, links for images and flash files or other elements. This layer helps provide accessibility to the most difficult to access file types by injecting Content Manager Defined Meta-Data into the file objects.