Making the Internet Accessible to People with Disabilities


User1st Ltd. provides a cloud-based service designed that enables accessibility professionals, webmasters, content managers, user experience managers, and developers to make any website accessible without changing the existing codebase. This revolutionary product detects, fixes, and monitors any website simply by adding a single line of code– then the User1st Code-Fix Editor does the rest.

User1st has designed a platform that enables businesses to achieve accessibility compliance in ways never before imagined at a fraction of the traditional time and costs. Not only providing protection from lawsuits but also reaching new customers never before able to engage online.

User1st gives your team powerful tools to guide them through enabling all of the various aspects of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 standards including: assistive keyboard navigation, dynamic color contrast, and screen reader compliance. User1st Accessibility Suite is continuously tested across all major browsers and across all major screen readers enabling the largest possible impact to reaching disabled users.

User1st is being used every day by tens of thousands of individuals. With the data collected, User1st continually updates its platform to better assist individuals with versatile disabilities such as: visual disabilities, hearing disabilities, and motor disabilities. Additionally, many in the elderly population that do not self-identify as disabled benefit from the these capabilities improving their Internet experience.


Benefits for Accessibility Specialists

  • Reduce IT dependency
  • Increase overall efficiency
  • Lower accessibility achievement costs
  • Continuous Monitoring for WCAG 2.0 violations with Email Alerts
  • Managed feedback from disabled users through an easy-to-use interface
  • Strengthen your company’s positioning

The ‘accessibility’ layer has no impact on the site brand.  No change to the site or infrastructure performance.  Used by Banks and Government Agencies, User1st has passed the highest security standards. Easy installation and setup. Most importantly: User1st is continually partnering with and testing with the disability community in order to ensure positive user experience and full accessibility.

Benefits for IT Management

  • Keep your development effort focused on your business rather on compliance
  • Reduce (direct and indirect) team training costs
  • Accelerate the time to compliance
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with built-in monitoring
  • Reduce long term dependency with 3rd party specialists

Benefits for Marketing

  • Simplify Accessibility when maintaining a “codeless” Content Management System
  • Feel less restricted by accessibility guidelines for User Experience Design
  • Avoid being forced into negative SEO practices typically caused by Accessibility Guidelines


The Company

User1st was founded in 2012 as a stealth startup and officially launched in January 2014. Our company is committed to helping individuals with disabilities obtain equal access to the Internet. Our cloud-based solution is meant to distinguish our offerings from those of our competitors. User1st’s aim is to provide an all-in-one product; detecting compliance issues/errors on web pages, correcting them, and then displaying a compliant page that is accessible to individuals with disabilities.

User1st has customers in many continents from a wide range of industries and verticals – including banks, financial institutions, retail services, tourism, leading software vendors and more. Customers use User1st to increase market share, gain freedom over design constraints imposed by accessibility guidelines,  improve customer experience, accelerate compliance initiatives, and continuously monitor for accessibility issues.

The Team

Amihai Miron, CEO
Before co-founding User1st, Amihai was a Director of Product and Design at SuperDerivatives (NYSE: ICE). Amihai earned his B.Sc in Design from Bezalel Academy of Jerusalem University and his M.B.A from Ono Academy.

Yossi Fessler, CTO

Before co-founding User1st, Yossi was a Senior System Architect at SuperDerivatives (NYSE: ICE). Yossi earned his B.As in Computer Engineering from Ben-Gurion University.

Meirav Har Noy, ChairWoman

Meirav brings over 15 years experience in investing and corporate development skills. She has previously worked with Intel Capital, Apax Partners and Tamares Capital. Meirav has served on the board of numerous technology companies in the software and communication space.