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Butler University Provides Accessible Online Features Through User1st

January 25, 2018

Through a partnership with web accessibility company User1st, Butler University now meets web accessibility requirements.

Butler University successfully made their website compliant with web accessibility requirements through a partnership with User1st. Using User1st’s patented remediation platform, uSuite, Butler University’s website was remediated in less than one month. An inspection conducted by the Office of Civil Rights found that Butler University’s website met accessibility requirements through the tools provided by User1st.

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Butler is a private university with nearly 5,000 students. As a recipient of federal funding, Butler is required by law to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, both of which require that active steps be taken to provide equal access to online content.

User1st, founded in 2014, offers an innovative codeless remediation software system. A User1st treated website provides a layer of code and additional information to a host site while maintaining the site’s original structure and information architecture. User1st’s automated remediation tools correct existing web pages by generating and applying accessibility profiles at the request of an end-user that fit over the web page without altering its content. Different accessibility profiles accommodate different needs for different disabilities, such as partial/complete blindness, epilepsy, motor disability and more.

“We are extremely excited to be a part of Butler University’s web accessibility initiative. At User1st, our primary goal is to make the internet accessible to everyone, and working with a great university like Butler continues to push us in the right direction,” said Shawn Pike, Vice President at User1st.

“Butler University believes all students should have fair and equitable access to programs, activities, and information, including information on our public web site. Our public web site was not as accessible as we desired and, in 2017 we began evaluating solutions to achieve greater accessibility.  After evaluating several traditional consultant solutions we found the User1st booth at the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) annual conference in July 2017. The User1st team listened and understood our issues and offered to review the web site later that day. They quickly determined they could address our issues and within a few weeks a solution was in place. The results were better than we hoped for and it was far quicker, easier, and further reaching than any of the more traditional solutions we had researched. Now that we reflect on everything, it was really quite an easy painless process for us,” said Brad Berggoetz, ADA Technology Analyst at Butler University.

For more information about User1st, check out their website.

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