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About User1st

Founded with the purpose of making the power of the internet accessible for people with people with permanent disabilities or varied or changing abilities, User1st provides the most advanced web accessibility SaaS solutions on the market for testing, remediation, monitoring, and compliance.

User1st’s ADA compliance solutions are deployed in a variety of industries worldwide, including financial services, retail, government, education, and healthcare.

A global leader in digital and web accessibility, User1st helps organizations advance their missions, improve the user experience, and meet web accessibility standards and guidelines by opening their digital content to the largest audience possible.

User1st’s digital and web accessibility solutions and services enable organizations to rapidly discover and continually test, implement, and maintain digital content accessibility to reach more customers while meeting compliance obligations.

User1st is solely focused on digital accessibility, and continually strives for technology innovations that allow organizations to realize the many benefits of accessible web content.

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Our Team

User1st’s personnel include developers, programmers, academics, compliance and regulatory experts, social advocates, and accessibility specialists all working together to improve the digital experience for users of varied and changing abilities.

We listen to key stakeholders and meet with your teams to collaborate on an accessibility road map focused on moving your organization towards accessibility and compliance.

To ensure that all users can equally access  your services and digital content, our accessibility solutions and services include a combination of technology and consulting that is strategically aligned with your business goals, realities, and values.

Our Vision

Accessibility should be simple, reliable, flexible, and sustainable.

Our Mission 

User1st is committed to “opening the digital door” by making client digital assets fully accessible to individuals with permanent disabilities or varied or changing abilities, through reliable, flexible, and sustainable cloud-based, software-enabled solutions in accordance with ADA compliance.

Our Values

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User1st personnel always are honest, truthful, and respectful, and demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles when engaging with each other, clients and their consumers and end users, and other company stakeholders.

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User1st works to deliver a dignified digital experience for everyone and aims to help clients make their digital assets fully accessible to their consumers and end users.

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User1st personnel strive to set new standards of performance and professionalism to deliver the highest quality products and experiences to the company’s clients and stakeholders.

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User1st always seeks to simplify the complex and move forward effectively, quickly, and decisively.

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User1st is committed to an inclusive environment which includes a diverse set of experiences and talents to achieve ADA compliance goals and objectives.

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