Website Accessibility Testing

Expert Testing Services to Ensure Accessibility Compliance and Improved User Experience for All Your Site Visitors

Accessibility Testing

The first step in any web accessibility initiative is a compliance test. The reason is simple: it verifies user access.

Our testing team not only leverages our automated toolkit, but also conducts manual tests of keyboard navigation and assistive technology (such as screen readers).

Our testers have worked with blind, deaf, and mobility-impaired users, and have also studied the Internet habits of persons with disabilities. Our main objective is to properly emulate the actions of potential users, and understand potential accessibility gaps in accordance with WCAG 2.0 AA.

Our experience with testing is matched only by our attention to detail when testing sites, as the many permutations of technology, such as browser, version, assistive technology used, etc., can become daunting when attempting to make a site accessible. Let us deal with that so that you and your organization can focus on what you do best. Accessibility is what we’re all about.