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Digital Accessibility: Building an Advantage for the Buying Cycle

Each holiday season provides a massive boost to the bottom lines of retailers everywhere. The National Retail Foundation (NRF) estimates nearly 30% of annual sales for retailers comes from the window...


Accessibility through the Eyes of an Employee

American businesses have come to recognize that individuals with disabilities have the same goals, dreams and – most importantly – rights, as more-abled workers. Over time, sporadic, haphazard and...

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Holiday Spending: Why ADA Compliant Websites Win the Sale

Holiday Shopping - The User Experience Why ADA Compliant Websites Win the Sale   The holiday season is almost upon us, and shoppers are filling their online baskets with love and gifts to celebrate....
 Co-founder and President of Leashes of Valor Danique Masingill


An Interview with Leashes of Valor

Seeing the Web through the Eyes of a Veteran Far too often we equate disability with physical or visible injuries – especially when it comes to veterans. This oversight is compounded by an...


America Honors National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Businesses and organizations around the nation are celebrating their employees with disabilities this month, reflecting the growing movement to make workplaces, businesses and public spaces welcoming...