Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Understand Your Lawsuit Risk and the Benefits of Web Accessibility

Web Content Accessibility GuidelinesThe benefits of implementing web accessibility are numerous – capturing more customers, growing revenue, caring for customers, complying with Americans with Disability Act and WCAG 2.1 guidelines, brand and reputation management, improving SEOBut implementing the web content accessibility guidelines and maintaining an accessible website that is compliant with the ADA and WCAG 2.1 guidelines can seem like an overwhelming task.  WCAG takes time and effort to understand even before you start implementing—it's a lot to learn and put in to practice.    

User1st is here to help simplify and get you started with web accessibility content guidelines for your site.  The User1st Essential Web Accessibility Guide provides a roadmap to understanding the main principles behind WCAG 2.1 and the simplicity of how it applies to your website and digital assets.   

  • Is your website PERCEIVABLE? 
  • Is your website OPERABLE? 
  • Is your website UNDERSTANDABLE?
  • Is your website ROBUST?  

In reality, most websites do not meet all these criteria for users with disabilities, leaving your organization vulnerable to possible litigation. 

  • Don’t wait for a lawsuit. 
  • Let us help you evaluate your risk. 
  • Know where you stand. 

Downloading the guide and understanding the web content accessibility guidelines is just the first step to full compliance. A User1st accessibility specialist can walk you through the WCAG guidelines, analyze your site, and help you implement the best accessibility solution for your organization.   

Founded with the purpose of making the power of the internet accessible for people with permanent disabilities as well as varied and changing abilities, User1st provides the most advanced web accessibility SaaS solutions on the market for testing, remediation, monitoring, and compliance. User1st’s solutions are deployed in a variety of industries - worldwide, including financial services, retail, government, education, and healthcare – helping our customers achieve compliance with ADA and WCAG 2.1. 

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