You can help us make the web accessible to everyone!

Our goal at User1st is to ensure that everyone, regardless of disability, can access and interact with online content. To do so effectively, though, we need your help!

How does it work?

When you visit our site, select one of our many accessibility profiles from the drop-down menu. After doing so, the page will automatically refresh with the selected profile specifications. After that, navigate the site as you normally would.

Navigating our site with an accessibility profile activated passively collects data about how site visitors navigate a site. If you don’t have any disability or require special navigation accommodations but still want to help, select the “help” profile or features, which provide you with additional info over some of the website elements (more about that below).

By gathering site navigation data, we can better tailor the end user experience for all individuals, not just those with disabilities. Think of it the way that Google Maps collects anonymous bits of information and combines it with other individuals’ data to recognize traffic patterns.

No personal or identifiable information is collected.

What accessibility profiles can I choose from?

There are seven predefined accessibility profiles you can select from: Screen Reader, Keyboard Navigation, Color Contrast, Monochromatic, Text Color Contrast, Block Blinking, and Help.

Each profile dynamically changes the page to accommodate a particular need. The specifics of each profile are as follows:

Screen Reader: This profile optimizes the site for users who require the use of a screen reader. If you have a screen reader system turned on your browser or computer, this profile automatically detects the screen reader, and will ensure that it will navigate the site properly and that links and images are correctly identified.

Keyboard Navigation: This profile ensures that individuals not using a mouse to navigate the site can still reach every link on the page. This profile also streamlines keyboard navigation by categorizing the site’s macro-elements (i.e. header, footer, search bar, etc.) into groups, allowing users to reach their desired link more quickly and with less frustration of having to manually click through every link or button on the page.

Color Contrast: This profile inverts the color scheme of the site, including images and text.

Monochromatic: This profile reformats the entire site into grayscale, including images and text.

Text Color Contrast: This profile is similar to the Color Contrast profile, except that the inversion of colors only impacts text, while images and the rest of the site remain as originally designed.

Block Blinking: This profile disables all flashing/blinking elements on the page.

Help: This profiles provides additional information over each element to help individuals navigate the site. This includes additional information on links, buttons, and images.

Additionally, you can create your own accessible accommodations by mixing and matching from our list of predefined profiles (e.g. Keyboard Navigation with Color Contrast).

We love hearing your feedback! We’ve created an accessibility feedback interface on all our menus so that you can let us know what you think about our accessibility products!