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User1st Launches uRemediate 2.0 for Quickly Fixing Web Accessibility Issues Without the Need to Rewrite Source Code

April 24, 2019

uRemediate 2.0 features a new user interface, a simplified menu navigation and enhanced website customization capabilities

User1st, the provider of the most advanced web and mobile accessibility solutions on the market for testing, remediation, monitoring and compliance, today announced the launch of uRemediate 2.0, a cloud-based tool that offers the fastest, most efficient way for fixing accessibility problems on websites and keeping digital assets fully compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 and Section 508 guidelines. The new release, which requires no modifications to a website’s source code, style or structure, features a new user interface, a simplified menu navigation and enhanced website customization capabilities.

uRemediate 2.0 embraces website personalization for people with disabilities by creating alternate ways to navigate a website via six user accommodations: Screen Reader, Keyboard Navigation, Color Contrast, Monochromatic Colors, Text Color Contrast and Block Blinking. It ensures that all website users are aware of accessibility options with the placement of a stylized button on a website that connects to the various user accommodations. For non-developers, uRemediate 2.0 features an advanced, easy-to-use wizard driven tool for quickly making accessibility changes to webpages.

“The issue of web accessibility is reaching a critical mass as more and more businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations and even celebrities are being hit with lawsuits for websites that are difficult, if not impossible, to use by people with disabilities,” said Matt Triner, managing director of User1st. “uRemediate 2.0 provides both a short-term fix and a potential long-term comprehensive solution – by generating an immediate compliance audit and a blueprint for how to modify the source code for accessibility at some point in the future. We’re very excited to get uRemediate 2.0 in the hands of web developers and site administrators and help them make the internet more accessible to everyone.”

In 2018, plaintiffs filed more than 2,000 federal website accessibility lawsuits, a 30 percent increase over 2017, according to Seyfarth Shaw. One out of every five Americans has a disability – in total, some 56 million Americans – which makes the community of people with disabilities the largest U.S. minority and a huge market segment with substantial spending power. Web accessibility is not just a legal matter – it’s a major business opportunity – and User1st’s solutions have been proven to increase both revenue and brand loyalty by serving people with disabilities.

uRemediate is an agnostic tool that integrates seamlessly with both legacy applications and modern web design. It provides the ability to monitor the compliance status of a website, including changes over time, as well as the usage of each capability by user accommodation and other accessibility statistics through integration with existing user analytics platforms. uRemediate’s feedback function allows users to report accessibility problems to website administrators and receive reports once the issue has been resolved.

To date, uRemediate has been used to fix more than 750 websites comprised of nearly one million webpages. It is part of User1st’s uSuite Web Accessibility Platform that is the most advanced web and mobile accessibility solution on the market for website testing, remediation, monitoring and compliance. uSuite’s testing and monitoring tools automate and track the accessibility of a website in real time through a centralized dashboard to streamline remediation efforts and demonstrate compliance on a continuous basis.

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