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Ensure Every Vote Counts

Jun 9, 2020 3:03:00 PM

By Raegan Bartlo

The disability community is a large member of the electorate. Although the Americans with Disabilities Act has been around for 30 years, people with disabilities still face significant barriers at the polls.  This year’s election may present the greatest challenge yet – the coronavirus.  As state officials prepare for the upcoming elections, they must ensure secure, safe, and accessible voting options so that every vote counts.

People with disabilities accounted for nearly 17% of eligible voters in the 2016 election, totaling 35.4 million people. And if we account for eligible voters who have a household member with a disability, that number nearly doubled with 62.7 million eligible voters of the total electorate (Doug Kruse & Lisa Schur, Rutgers University).

Too often when we think of people with disabilities, we tend to think of someone fully blind or in a wheelchair, but many tend to forget about people with partial visual impairments, and the limitations of senior citizens and veterans.  Accessible voting for people with disabilities presents both physical and electronic challenges.  

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Written by Raegan Bartlo