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Don’t have dedicated accessibility experts yet? Remove accessibility errors with no source code alteration.

Unlike any other solution in the market, User1st’s uRemediate is a semi-automated accessibility remediation solution.  By integrating uRemediate into your existing platform either before or after your web applications get out of development, 99% of HTML accessibility errors will be fixed by activating profiles that assist users in using your original content.


This solution requires no modification to the source code of digital content or applications, allowing you to take time to carefully plan a future source code remediation while knowing that meanwhile, User1st is keeping your digital assets fully compliant with the WCAG 2.1 AA standard and Section 508 guidelines. 

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How does uRemediate™ work?

uRemediate is based on a powerful and low-impact JavaScript rules library and runs on the customer’s local browser, but requires no integration and no download. 


uRemediate binds to your website based on macro-rules configured when uRemediate is set up to instantly provide accommodations to end-users no matter what their level of ability. Because uRemediate is downloaded from the cloud to your browser directly, it’s fast and easily customizable. 

Why should my organization choose uRemediate™?

  • Risk mitigation
    With instant automated coverage up front, your team can prioritize improvement in accessibility and universal design during a standard development process instead of having “remediation activities”
  • Simple Integration
    Integration requires insertion of 5 lines of code, and has no immediate modification to the source code of digital content or applications.
  • Simple Configuration
    uRemediate provides an advanced wizard driven tool allowing non-developers to effect accessibility changes instantly versus coding them through the traditional solution development lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Low Impact
    uRemediate profiles are activated by the end user as they request an accommodation. Users that do not require accommodations are not affected at all.
  • Reporting
    With cutting edge meta data analytics, uRemediate creates a report of each error that was resolved, which can be assigned for verification to developers and testers.
  • Enterprise Ready
    uRemediate is agnostic of web framework and works with large dymamic web sites built with modern web frameworks such as SenchaJS, AngularJS, and Bootstrap. By remaining tool agnostic we support both legacy applications and modern development allowing any site to be made accessible automatically.

uTester™ - Providing the best roadmap to remediation possible.

Combining cutting-edge technology and a best-in-class validations and rule engine, uTester is the ideal solution to create a blueprint for developers to fix errors and achieve website accessibility.


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uTester performs consistent regression and user experience tests to meet the needs of enterprise-level programs and check accessibility errors against industry standards, compliance laws or your own customized guidelines. uMonitor gives you a centralized dashboard to track these new errors across all of your digital assets in real time. 

Why should my organization chose User1st testing tools?

  • Compliance Auditing
    uTester provides advanced automated auditing—because every issue is held to consistent standards, your entire website content is cataloged.
  • Simple and Fast
    Simplify your developers’ jobs by automating prioritization and categorization of errors with our cutting-edge rule engine.
  • Customized Report Delivery
    Use all-in-one web dashboards, Secure REST APIs to integrate with external systems, or export to excel—whatever works best for you.
  • Off-the-Shelf Solution
    Testing and assessment can be provided as a cloud solution, ready to use off- the-shelf with minimal or no integration.
  • Enterprise Ready
    our solutions can audit the largest web sites—static, dynamic, and mobile-friendly
  • Accuracy Over Time
    Reports demonstrate accessibility changes as your site is updated, and shows regression at any level of detail.
  • User Experience Monitoring
    uTester provides tools to simulate end-user experience


New to the world of web accessibility guidelines? Get your team up to speed.

Get your developers well-versed on fixing accessibility issues with our SCORM based Training Content System that contains over 20 training courses with over 100 course modules, quizzes and exams. This platform also tracks learning progress and provides management-level visibility and reporting.



Not sure where to begin? Take us along for the ride.

We partner up with you to build a tailored short-term and long-term solution based on your time, resources, and the expertise level of your IT team.


User1st will perform compliance assessments, help you build internal accessibility policies, train you on best practices for your development team, and provide guidelines for you based on both legal and industry standards. 

uTester: ADA Website Compliance Checker​

The uTester Developer Plugin for Google Chrome is a free, easy-to-use, automated testing tool that identifies noncompliant content. uTester flags website content and web applications that are inaccessible to people with disabilities.



This tool allows your team to integrate their work with testing for web accessibility – all without needing to become an expert. 

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