Solutions to Meet Accessibility Guidelines

Offering SaaS technology, Customized Services, and Compliance Consulting for Every Organization 


You know your organization.  We know accessibility guidelines.  Team up with User1st accessibility solutions that are tailored to any business and any organization of any size. The doorway to your services and information in today’s digital world is your website. 

Our goal is to help you provide the most inclusive user experience through web accessibility to help people with disabilities have equal access to the goods, services, and information you provide. Our SaaS technology and services provide you with the most comprehensive Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) coverage.  We support the necessary and robust combination of automated and manual accessibility tools to adhere to ADA, WCAG 2.1, and Section 508 guidelines and other accessibility guidelines.   

 A commitment to web accessibility goes far beyond compliance obligations and has a great deal of upside.  Nobody wants to do the minimum when it comes to serving their customers.  By opening your digital door with User1st  ADA compliance solutions, you deliver digital benefits that allow you to:

  • Comply with web accessibility laws
  • Capture more customers
  • Care for your existing customers 

people working on Accessibility Guidelines in an office and a screen shot of our accessibility testing tool called check1st™

Our SaaS Technology Products

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Check1st is the most powerful and comprehensive automated web accessibility testing tool available.  This easy-to-use platform detects more accessibility errors than any other testing software on the market. Check1st customizable filters and labels increase project management and communication efficiencies for you and your team. Its regression testing and reporting capabilities keeps you in control of your web accessibility progress. Check1st integrates with DevOps pipelines and other systems of your organization.  Check1st provides all of this robust capability without breaking your budget. 

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uRemediate™ takes the compliance weight off your shoulders by delivering accessibility to your website in real time, all with a simple snippet integration and without any impact to your website.  The user is presented with an accessibility button and menu on your site, branded how and where you want.  The user can select an accommodation and it is delivered right away.  The ADA compliance services delivers WCAG 2.1 AA standards. Additionally, you receive usage statistics and your customers can provide feedback regarding their accessibility needs. With the implementation of uRemediate™, our accessibility specialists assure compliance by testing with assistive technologies, such as JAWS. After integrationyou’ll receive a full audit and certification of accessibility fixes for your website code.

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Some organizations have the web development resources to handle accessibility on their own.  Others may need a little more assistance. User1st accessibility specialists will help you build an accessibility plan tailored to your organization’s needs.  We can support your team with remediation services.  We also provide complete accessibility audits, so you know just how accessible your digital assets are.  And we can arm your web developers with the WCAG knowledge and skills needed to ensure accessibility at the code level through customized training.   

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Compliance Programs 

Web accessibility guidelines can be much broader than just ADA, WCAG, and Section 508.  Each industry may have its own set of discrimination laws that impact web accessibility.  Need compliance guidance?  User1st provides customized accessibility guidance tailored to your needs and applicable to your industry. Our compliance experts help you understand how to build and implement appropriate digital accessibility policies, processes, and internal controls. The User1st compliance portfolio includes program assessments and analyses, program implementation, and program oversight.  

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