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User1st Issues Statement on Veterans Affairs Study Bill, H.R.1199

October 17, 2019

Washington – October 17, 2019 – User1st, the provider of the most innovative web accessibility solutions on the market for testing, remediation, monitoring and compliance, today released the following statement from Vice President of Communications Raegan Bartlo regarding passage of H.R. 1199, regarding the Veterans Affairs study on web accessibility:   

We appreciate the U.S. House passing any legislation in support of our veterans and calling attention to the important need for website accessibility. We agree that eliminating digital barriers will help veterans get the medical and disability care as well as access to vocational and educational services they need.

However, our veterans with disabilities – as well as senior citizens and persons with varied and changing abilities – need web accessibility now. The means to understand the scope of the problem already exists. We can start making meaningful progress today toward fixing the most critical digital services for veterans, and all citizens, immediately without a lengthy and costly study. All government services and information should be accessible to all citizens.  

About User1st

User1st provides the most advanced web accessibility solutions on the market for testing, remediation, monitoring and compliance. User1st is the only company that offers both customized short-term fixes and tailored long-term solutions for meeting the international specifications of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.  Trusted by organizations of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies and large government organizations, User1st’s solutions are deployed in a variety of industries worldwide, including financial services, retail, government and healthcare. For more information, visit and follow on Twitter @User1st.

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