uRemediate™: Managed and Assured Web Accessibility

Take the accessibility compliance weight off your shoulders, serve all your users and expand your digital reach


Web Accessibility Standards Integrated and Assured by Specialists on Your Site.

uRemediate is a platform that implements on your website to provide compliance coverage and enable all your users: 

  • Delivers latest WCAG standards
  • Implements with one line of code
  • Provides multiple accommodations
  • Allows user feedback
  • Back-end portal for usage statistics and management
  • Customizable to your website brand
  • Configurable to multiple languages
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Implement Web Accessibility Requirements Rapidly

A deployment of uRemediate™ allows your organization to quickly and thoroughly integrate WCAG standards onto your website or application. Let us do the heavy lifting and provide you with a full audit for peace of mind.


What is behind the implementation of uRemediate™ on your website?


Our Great Team of Accessibility Integrators

Authorities on web accessibility, including the U.S. Federal Government, all confirm manual testing and validation is required to meet WCAG guidelines. In the implementation of uRemediate™, our specialists protect your brand and assure compliance by testing with assistive technologies, such as JAWS for accessibility.


Automated Technology

Our accessibility specialists leverage automation and proprietary web accessibility artificial intelligence (AI) to help implement and maintain accessibility on your website. The power of the platform combined with the right people provide you with assured compliance and care for all your users.

2 people working on computer and computer showing our web accessibility testing tool

Why should my organization choose uRemediate™ over other automated website accessibility platforms?


Comprehensive and Quick

uRemediate™ is deployed rapidly, but not before it is completely validated by our Accessibility Specialists for WCAG standards and checked by your team so you can verify.  Our confidence in our work is backed with contractual guarantees others will not provide.


Customer Care and Feedback

uRemediate™ is designed to not only implement WCAG guidelines but ensure people with disabilities, varied or changing abilities, have the best user experience on your website or application. Even further, uRemediate™  provides a feedback mechanism so customers can reach out to you with any questions.


Technologically Agnostic and Flexible

uRemediate™ works on nearly every platform on every device, mobile and desktop. And not just CMS platforms! Do you have a web application built on a third-party? It works there too.


Fully Certified Audit for Assurance

Need a web accessibility compliance certification? Do you want to learn to fix errors yourself going forward? An implementation of uRemediate™  arms you with a full audit of all fixes for assurance and your own internal use.

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