A Quick Deploy Overlay Engine & Accessibility Menu

Help your IT and Marketing teams achieve web accessibility compliance through our patented Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA overlay without needing to alter your site’s content or base code.

Different accessibility skins accommodate different needs for different disabilities. By activating the User1st Accessibility Menu using a keyboard, mouse, or a particular assistive technology (AT) device, the appropriate web accessibility accommodation is loaded to support your end-users’ needs.

Our accessibility skins are hosted on the User1st cloud—the benefit of this structure is that there is no added burden to individuals trying to access your site (i.e. no need to download additional accessibility software).

Our Remediation Wizard does not require any new code to be written; instead, all configurations are completed via a step-by-step wizard. This means that User1st can provide accessibility for websites regardless of how they are structured, formatted, or when they were built.

Select a hosting & deployment model that best suits your organizational needs